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company introduction


Shanghai GuangTe Communication Science and Technology Development Co.Ltd was established by several communication experts. We are always focus on product research; produce; sell; serveice.we are devoted ourselves into social, develop ourselves; create precision; create famous brand; standing on china, step into international.
  Optical fiber communication is our root. Related to CATV; telecommunication. We can produce:outdoor&indoor optical fiber cable; fiber optical patch cord; waterproof pigtail cable; Optical fiber adapter; optical fiber attenuator; Optical fiber distribution cabinet; Optical fiber cable joint enclosure; Optical fiber splitter and some other products. Based on the products we produced. We can offer kinds of service in this optical fiber communication industry. We also focus on the FTTH, FTTD.
 Excellent team is constituted by so many masters, bachelors and about 20 engineers. All employees is over 100.we are always keep expanding our team. There are several produce lines and test equipment. Some products have been tested by Ministry of Information Industry and National Broadcasting and TV Bureau. We also get the permission to run our business. Meanwhile our product quality can meet the ISO 9001 and 2000 quality control system.
Focus that can be profession, profession that can be creation. Science widely used in our company that can make us Base in China, venture globally