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Technical support
Former-sell support

We can design and set up optical fiber net under the national or international standard with five telecommunication experts. We not only focus on the initial demand, but also consider the upgrade in the future. All this make the project scientific and advanced. We will be appreciated you can give us some advise.
 After-sell support

There are so many optical fiber fusion machines.OTDR, grinders, and skilled workers. We can offer knight service, such as trunk line, MAN, internet, compus network and some other area. Including cable laying, trouble removing and so on. Products and services will be verified for 1 year, according to the customers’ demand we can maintain with another contracts. our promise is 3 days solve the problems make a reaction in 2 hours.
  Service equipment
Fiber Fusion Splicer
 the observation of X and Y    direction fiber

 5-inch large-screen LCD   display

 Four languages optional

 Built-in temperature,   humidity screen menu tips

 Simple operation

 Origin: Japan, Model: 40 S

OTDR tester

 Dynamic Range: 1310/1550    nm30/28 dB

  Can test 100 km

  Accuracy: Loss: ± 0.01 dB.

  TekRanger 2 TFS3031

  Origin: North America
Fiber grinding machine
  provide on-site grinding

  Greatly exceeding the    level of hand-grinding

  To achieve: insertion    loss <= 0.3 dB

  Return Loss (loss)> =    45dB



Other test equipment
  Fluke Network Tester (DSP-100)

  Whether certify cable quality, diagnose fault or certificate the increasing ,moving and changing site again, DSP-100 network tester network can be accelerated faster, easier to solve the problem. Fluke network tester can ensure the speed of 17 seconds to complete a link test under the premise of high-precision instrument. DSP-100 fully not only meets all the current testing standards, but also provide an effective diagnostic capacity to use its patented "time-domain crosstalk analysis" function, can quickly point out the user interface which is brought by poor connectivity, crude quality and the false installation of fiber optic cable and so on. Rechargeable batteries can supply two hours continually to ensure a day work. This Can be used to preserve the important test results. DSP-100 can store more than 1,000 TIA TS-B67 test results or 600 ISO test results, and the results can be downloaded to a PC computer in two minutes.