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The high sensitivity multi-mold optical fiber strain sensor which researches and develops by Tianjin University Professor Li Enbang causes the international academic circle to pay attention. Recently, global biggest physics and correlation discipline information dissemination organizations one of " British Physics Academic society " (InstituteofPhysics, IOP) official website reported this achievement, and carried on from the academic aspect to this research results has quoted and appraises. This website main domains and so on report internationally optics and laser as well as photonics newest and influential research results, this time reported that the Tianjin University Professor Li Enbang scientific research item, enhanced our country related discipline prestige and the influence enormously internationally. The Tianjin University has " the high sensitivity multi-mold optical fiber strain sensor " the complete intellectual property rights, and applied for 4 item of country patent of invention, is the huge scientific researchers an achievement which produces in many year research foundations. It is known that the high sensitivity multi-mold optical fiber strain sensor uses the most widespread optical fiber Bragg diffraction grating the present world in (FBG) the sensor to be keener than, its structure is also simpler. It does not have the electromagnetic field as well as other external environment change influence, the sensitivity is high, the volume is small, the life is long, the insulating property good, may realize the distribution survey and so on traditional electric pickup incomparable merits, receives the international photonics domain more and more value. The optical fiber strain sensor widely applies in domains and so on construction, petroleum, chemical industry, transportation, energy, metallurgy, nuclear industry, specially in the construction structure's health monitor aspect, the optical fiber strain sensor is playing more and more major role, to realizes the bridge, the dam and so on large-scale building's behavior in service online real-time monitor, prevents malignant and the disastrous accident's occurrence and so on has the important meaning.