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     。The other day, the global biggest interconnection product producer peaceful branch electron Limited company announced that (HUBER+SUHNER) the group signs the permission agreement with the global leading electron and the optical component system supplier vast news, becomes its ODC fiberoptic connector line cable module's main supplier. In the current Chinese market, along with the fiber optic communications technology's unceasing development, 3G commercial markets and so on experiment network, high speed local area network and light access network appeared elevated temperature continually, fiberoptic connector's in optical fiber system application rapid trend popularization. Specially in 3G, 4G as well as the WiMax distributional base depot and applications and so on optical fiber in move back technology, the ODC fiberoptic connector line cable module becomes standardized rapidly the coupling connection. According to the agreement, the peaceful branch electron will develop the ODC coupling brand in the whole world, and provides the completely consistent high quality product to the global customer. The Thai electron will devote together with the HUBER+SUHNER group in develops the ODC product line and the application, thus brings maximized for the customer the long-term benefit. The ODC product scope including may use in the single model and the multi-mold optical fiber, has two or four optical fiber terminals, and after precise machining many kinds of high strength brass shell. These fixed or the free coupling uses the environment sealed type design, has many kinds of high resistant to compression, the high tensile strength, the technical mature fiber optics support. The peaceful branch electron will start in January, 2008 to supply conforms to the vast news group compatibility and the interoperability standard ODC line cable module