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07  optical fiber fiber optics market demand will stabilize increases, the entire profession concentration degree improves, the goods supply is further centralized to the big enterprise, the brand effect continues obviously. Profession to layout gradually reasonable new aspect development: Forms large-scale industrial group which several consummate unceasingly.

in 2007 the domestic fiber optic cable market maintains the growth situation. Its power originates at the same time from the national informationization strategy implementation, will impel the wide band and the motion network rapid development powerfully; On the other hand, the telecommunication operator reforms the strategic implementation to promote the rural market and the wide band commerce market growth; In addition, the technology advancement and the market the dual function which increased to the band width demand also advanced our country fiber optic cable market intrinsic prosperous.

Looking from the production situation: in 2005 the Chinese optical fiber output probably is 1800 ~ 19,000,000 core kilometer scale, 2006 annual output achieve 2700 ~ 29,000,000 core kilometer scale, grows approximately 50% compared to the same period. The fiber optic cable profession 2007 annual productions can expand relatively limitedly.

Looking from the Chinese import's and export's situation, the fiber optic cable in 2006 reverses the recent years to export continuously the growth, the import steady decrease situation for the first time. The graph data demonstrated that since the past 5 years the fiber optic cable import and export has had the situation which for the first time the trade deficit expands. Because in 2006 the fiber optic cable profession has not presented the obvious rise in price, therefore the import and export amount's change simultaneously has reflected on the whole also quantity change.

In recent years, our country market's domestically produced optical fiber amount of use has surpassed imports the optical fiber, more and more operators start to accept and to use the domestically produced optical fiber product. in 2007 the optical fiber import volume will continue to drop

In price aspect, in recent years, our country fiber optic cable product market price for a long time in low position movement. Even if the market absorption capacity expands, many raw material prices presented obvious rise last year, our country fiber optic cable product market price unceasingly were still dropping. The statistics indicated that last year, our country's G652B optical fiber average price approximately was 85 Yuan/kilometers, compares in 2005 to drop 5%; The G652D optical fiber's market average price the approximately 90 Yuan/kilometers, compare in 2005 to drop 5%; The optical fiber synthesis average price also compares in 2005 to drop 5%

   The reason is as follows

   even if (1) present fiber optic cable profession deducts empty purchases real estate can (industrial centralism enterprise which eliminates), the supply and demand basically is also balanced, therefore the profession share precedes the enterprise to maintain and enhances the share not to raise the price easily, we understood in the investigation and study will have no intention as in the profession windvane's Wuhan long flying short-term to rise the price on own initiative;

2) present fiber optic cable adopts the operator to unify the tender basically, has not tendered this year January to the February four big operators, China moves, China Netcom to tender in March, but before this time passes through, February's deficient order form as well as is not bright to the annual pattern, the fiber optic cable manufacturer mostly is in the weak trend, therefore the price was still located at the trough; in 2007 the anticipated price slightly will have in the second half of the year the rise, but the scope is very difficult to surpass 5%.