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Information industrial department Vice-minister Lou Qinjian on stressed at “the 13th session of telecommunication new technology new service high-level seminar” that in the communication industry construction optical fiber to the household/to the building advancement, lacked the suitable terminal already to become limits its development an important bottleneck. Vice-minister Lou indicated that communication's migration changed into the user to bring more convenient experience, but impelled the optical fiber is increases the band width to the household, to promote the new service fast development essential method. In this process, the letter produces actually to discover that the present suitable terminal product also has insufficient. He believed that the telecommunication operator should further impel the optical fiber to arrive at the household, the union wireless wide band technology, develops can satisfy the market demand the telecommunication new service, but the device end manufacturer should also aim at the optical fiber to research and develop maturely, the stable terminal product as soon as possible to the household project, like high definition digital television and so on. China Telecom Corporation Chief Engineer Wei Leping believed that optical fiber turning on has the transmission speed to be high, the capacity big, is away from, the quality to be good long, secrecy strong and so on merits, will be the future wide band development direction, also will be realizes three net fusions, the digital family effective measure. The Chinese telecommunication from 2005 starts the field test which carries on the optical fiber to turn on, and formed had the proprietary intellectual property rights EPON system, this system has realized in 2007 commercial, in September, the Chinese telecommunication already started in the Hubei Province Wuhan to attempt pushes the optical fiber to the office. In the impetus optical fiber turning on development aspect, Wei Leping proposed several suggestions, like the formulation related laws and regulations, force the urban new construction cloth to put the optical fiber, as well as to the optical fiber production and the operation enterprise provides certain preferential policy and so on. At present in the global major country and the area, the optical fiber had already realized the varying degree turning on household. Up to March, 2007, Japan's optical fiber turning on users achieve 8,800,000, plans realizes 100% coverage fractions in 2010. Up to June, 2007, US's optical fiber turning on had already covered 8,800,000 families.